As someone who lost interest in “The Walking Dead” early on, this trailer for AMC’s new spin-off show “Fear The Walking Dead” gives me hope that I may be able to actually stay with this series.

Unlike “The Walking Dead”, this show seems to deal with the gradual fall of modern civilization, which is a great angle for a television show to explore. Zombie films that want to include plenty of zombie action can’t afford to spend a lot of time showing how things fall apart.

2002’s 28 Days Later begins with Jim (Cillian Murphy) waking up from a coma in an abandoned hospital to discover the London has become an infected wasteland, and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” starts in a similar fashion. I hope “Fear The Walking Dead” includes plenty of people loosing their shit over not being able to cope with the slow realization that their posh LA lifestyles are coming to an end.

And then after that, I wanna see them being eaten by zombies.

If you’re going to set a show in a city like Los Angeles , it would be a huge missed opportunity to not include some social commentary on it’s inhabitants. I’m not seeing much of that in this trailer, and most of the characters seem pretty likable. Hopefully we can get some disposable assholes who die in horrible ways mixed in to the cast as well.

The first season of “Fear The Walking Dead” will be six one-hour episodes and it premieres August 23rd.  A second season will begin airing in 2016.