Scream TV Series Video Review: Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

In this video, William reviews the premiere episode of the Scream TV series. There will be a number of horror shows on air soon, but MTV’s Scream will beat other shows like Scream Queens and Ash vs Evil Dead to air since it just premiered. Interestingly enough, with Ash vs Evil Dead airing sometime soon there will be two movie to television adaptations of popular horror franchises out there at the same time. The major difference is that Scream will not have the involvement of the original creative team or any of the stars as it goes after a new audience. Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens will at least have some star power with Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts (from Scream 4 ironically enough) starring when it launches on Fox. It will be interesting to see how the different shows perform.

Is this TV adaptation of Wes Craven’s self aware slasher series a success, or does it at least show some promise?  Watch and find out!