While a lot of games tend to lean towards power fantasy roles, Viscera Cleanup Detail has the player working as a janitor in the aftermath of several massacres that occurred on a spacecraft. The House of Horror! DLC we take a look at in this Now Playing however has the player mopping up blood and using a wood chipper to dispose of dead teenage that didn’t survive a Halloween night massacre.

House of Horror! has tons of references to classic horror franchises including Friday the 13th, Evil Dead, and Halloween. It’s fun just walking around looking for all the Easter eggs, many of which you can see in our video.

Viscera Cleanup Detail is currently only available on PC and the full game can be bought on Steam for $12.99 and the House of Horror! DLC for $2.99. Keep an eye out though, as I managed to pick these up on sale for a bit cheaper.

Let us know if you’ve found any more horror movie references while playing the DLC in the comments below!

Viscera Cleanup Detail House of Horror DLC