HBTVS Bonus Podcast: Shooting a Horror Short Film


In this bonus episode of the HBTVS podcast we discuss our recent experience shooting a horror short film. The title of the film we shot is Hazard, and we’ll have more specific details on the story and some images from it in the near future. We talk about what we did during pre-production, our experiences on set, and things we have learned after working on a few projects. We go through our approach to writing the script, how we got our cast, the equipment we used, and all of the details we found to be important regarding the production. We also try to share any knowledge we have gleaned to this point if you want to get into making a short of your own. If you have a short film and are interested in us talking about it, send us an email at [email protected] and we will take a look. If you want to see exclusive information about the short film and see more photos before it’s released, become a Patreon at patreon.com/hbtvs.

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Here’s just a few BTS photos from ‘Hazard.’ Patrons of HBTVS will get to see even more photos and be able to watch the film online before anyone else!

Photos taken by Nicole Blevins.

Hazard_BTS1 Hazard_BTS2 Hazard_BTS3 Hazard_BTS5 Hazard_BTS4 Hazard_BTS666



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