Volumes of Blood is a new horror anthology produced by P.J. Starks and shot in Owensboro, Kentucky. Despite the small budget, Volumes of Blood is another great little addition to the anthology sub-genre that horror fans seem to love so much. Starks brought on three other directors for the project and the mixture of styles and storytelling ideas keep the film from ever getting boring. Check out our video review to see if Volumes of Blood is worth tracking down when it’s released later this year.

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Segment Credits:

That’s A Wrap – Directed by Lee Vervoort

Written By P.J. Starks

A Little Pick Me Up – Directed By John Kenneth Muir

Written By Todd Martin

Ghastly – Directed By P.J. Starks

Written By P.J. Starks

13 After Midnight – Directed By Jakob Bilinski

 Written by Todd Martin

Encycolpedia Satanica – Directed By Nathan Thomas Milliner

Written By Todd Martin and Nathan Thomas Milliner