“She’s not sick, she’s dead”


Fear The Walking Dead S1 E3 starts off at the barber shop where Travis, his son and wife are taking refuge from the chaos outside. Chris peeks through the metal gate and makes eye contact with a man with red eyes and jumps back. People start breaking in next door to the barber shop. Travis assures everyone that no one is going to break into a barber shop to steal combs; the shop owner resents his comment. Chris puts his hand on the wall and mentions that it is getting hot; the fire alarm sounds. Travis preps everyone to get ready to exit the building and take to the streets. As they exit the shop Chris sees a cop attacking another police officer. As they are trying to escape the barber’s wife gets pinned under a collapsed structure and injures her leg. They pull her to safety and load up in Travis’s truck and speed away. While trying to get back to the house they drive past a police scene where they witness the police shooting at the infected. The power grid starts shutting down and the city goes black.


Back at the house, Madison gives Nick more pills for his addiction problems while they wait for Travis to return home. While they wait they break out the Monopoly board game and start playing. They can hear gun fire outside their home but ignore it and continue to focus on the game. Alicia starts to get concerned about what they are going to do if Travis doesn’t come back. The electricity goes out in the home. They hear a noise outside and pull back the curtain to see a dog on the other side. They let the dog in and the dog starts barking up a storm. Nick looks out front and sees a walker approaching the house. They exit the home out back and head to the neighbors where Nick is sure there is a shotgun there that they can grab.


When they enter the neighbor’s home they slowly look around and Nick finds the shotgun. They hear the dog outside and see it trying to attack the walker that is in their home. Madison sees Travis’s truck pull up to the house. Nick loads the shotgun and they race outside to warn Travis of the impending danger. Travis walks inside to look for everyone and stumbles upon the walker that is hunched over the now dead dog. He approaches the walker and it slowly stands up and starts attacking him. Nick rushes in and the barber grabs the shotgun and shoots the walker twice in the head.


Alicia runs back to the neighbor’s house to get more shotgun shells. While running back home with the ammo she gets attacked by a walker. Chris pulls her over the fence to safety but not after she elbows him in the face. Chris gets mad and runs inside. Everyone stares at the walker as it reaches with its arm through an opening of the fence.

Inside the house everyone gathers in the living room and discusses their next move. Madison wants to leave the house but Travis wants everyone to stay. He explains what he recently saw in the city and demands that they stay the night at the house and leave in the morning. They come into agreement and settle in for the night.


The next morning Travis buries the walker. When he comes back inside he sees the barber showing Chris how to use the shotgun. Travis gets angry and tells the barber that he doesn’t like guns. The barber points out that now is the time to start liking them. Madison goes outside where her now dead neighbor Susan is still at the fence trying to get through. She has a hammer in her hand and wants to kill the walker but Travis convinces her not to because he doesn’t know if there is a way to comeback from all this. The barber watches from inside and thinks that Travis and his family are weak for not killing the walker.


The family loads up the car and is getting ready to take off. The barber tells his family that they are not going to leave with Travis and that they should stay at the house for now. Travis and his family leave with the truck and car and convoy down the street. At the intersection Madison sees her neighbor Patrick pulling in. She panics and drives over to his house to warn him that his wife Susan is one of the infected. Patrick goes outside where he sees his wife; she turns around and slowly walks toward him. He reaches out and tries to hug her and right before she can sink her teeth in his neck some Army troops come busting in the backyard and shoot the walker in the head.


In the closing scene the Army floods the neighborhood and starts securing the area. They take down personal information from Madison. They inform her that she needs to stay inside her home. The troops start marking houses and taking the bodies of the infected. Travis and Madison stand on their front lawn watching. Travis tells Madison not to worry because the Calvary has arrived and everything is going to get better now.

“Good people are the first ones to die”