“I’m about to step into a world of shit”

Fear The Walking Dead S1 E2 opens up with the principal, Art, walking around the school with a mobile radio in his hand. Meanwhile, Nick and his parents are driving away from the scene where Calvin lies mangled on the road. Nick starts messing with the radio to see if there is any news being broadcasted about what is going on recently, nothing.

Madison gives Alicia a call to make sure she is OK. Alicia tells her mother that her boyfriend Matt is really sick and running a fever. Madison warns her not to touch him and get away from Matt. When the parents show up to Matt’s house they tell Alicia that she must leave him. Being the naïve teenager, she tries to argue the fact that she wants to stay and comfort her boyfriend. Matt tells her that she must go with her family.


Travis’s son Chris is on the bus returning home when he sees a bunch of emergency vehicles rushing by. A man boards the bus and tells everyone that the cops just shot a homeless man about 20 times. Everyone starts getting off the bus to investigate the situation.

Upon arriving back home, Travis leaves to go check up on his son Chris. Nick starts to get sick from withdrawals and Madison and Alicia look after him while Travis is gone. While driving, Travis starts to see traffic jams all around the city. He passes a police officer who seems to be filling his trunk full of water.

Madison rushes to her school to get Nick medication for his drug crash. When she gets there she runs into a student, Tobias, who tries to explain to her what is happening. Madison grabs the medication and hands the student his knife back that was previously confiscated.

Chris, who left the bus, arrives at the scene where the homeless man was shot. An angry crowd starts forming and protesting against the police. Chris gets his camera out and starts recording the situation. The police command Chris to put the camera up but the crowd encourages him to continue recording.


Back at the house, Alicia tells Nick that she is going back to help her boyfriend Matt. Nick pleads with her not to go and tries to explain that he saw what happens when they “turn.” As Alicia shuts the door Nick falls to the ground and starts convulsing violently. Alicia, hearing his fall, rushes back in to help him.

At the school, Madison and Tobias raid the school pantry and start heading out when they hear a noise on the school intercom system. Tobias urges that they leave quickly. As they are about to leave Madison briefly sees the back of school principal, Art. She calls to him and he slowly turns around and starts walking towards her. The now zombified principal tries to attack them. Tobias tumbles down the stairs with Art pleading for help. Madison grabs a fire extinguisher and starts beating the principal in the head. They run out of the building and Madison takes Tobias back to his house. She makes an offer that he can stay with them during this chaos. Tobias declines and decides to be on his own.


Travis finally arrives to his ex-wife’s house where he finds out that Chris has not made it home yet. They see on the news the location where Chris is stuck. They rush to the area. When they meet up with Chris the riot police start making their move to disperse the crowd. They quickly run away from the site while people around them start rioting. The police start shooting the “zombies” but the protesters think they are shooting innocent bystanders. Travis and his family take refuge in a nearby barber shop as the owner is closing up. All hell breaks loose outside.


When Madison gets back home she gives Nick medication to help wean him off his addiction. She goes to the bathroom to wash out Art’s blood. She breaks down in tears realizing that what is happening is real. She gets a phone call from Travis and she pleads with him to come back home. Travis explains that they are jammed up. The phone call drops.

In the closing scene Madison and Alicia hear screams across the street. They can see their neighbor being attacked by someone. Alicia tries to leave the house to help but Madison stops her. We start to see the beginning of the breakdown of society in this episode.

“We have to get far away from what’s happening outside”