In this episode of the House By The Video Store Podcast, we conclude our 2015 wrap up show with part 2 and run though our nominees and winners for various categories including our top 5 and overall horror movie of the year. Included below is a list of all of the categories and movies we nominated for them, you’ll have to listen to see what we had to say and what our picks were. Have any feedback for us or questions or corrections? Send us an email at or leave a comment!

Biggest Disappointment- The movie with a lot of hype or potential that failed to live up to expectations.

Bone Tomahawk 

Sinister 2 (Discussed in Podcast #24)

Poltergeist (Discussed in Podcast #11)

The Green Inferno (Discussed in Podcast #29)

The Babadook (Discussed in Podcast #6)



Best SurpriseThe movie that turned out much better than expected.

The Final Girls (Discussed in Podcast #32)

We Are Still Here

Spring (Click here for our video review)

The Visit (Discussed in Podcast #27)

Crimson Peak (Discussed in Podcast #32)

Insidious Chapter 3 (Discussed in Podcast #13)


Must Own – The most re-watchable movie. 

What We Do In The Shadows

It Follows (Discussed in Podcast #3)

Insidious Chapter 3 (Discussed in Podcast #13)

Tales of Halloween (Discussed in Podcast #32)

Goosebumps (Discussed in Podcast #33)

Crimson Peak (Discussed in Podcast #32)

Krampus (Discussed in Podcast Episode #39)


Most Deserving Of A Sequel- The movie we would most like to see a sequel to.

What We Do In The Shadows 

It Follows (Discussed in Podcast #3)

The Final Girls (Discussed in Podcast #32)

Tales of Halloween (Discussed in Podcast #32)

Krampus (Discussed in Podcast Episode #39)


Worst Film- The film that had potential, but was overall one of our least favorite.

The Lazarus Effect

Sinister 2  (Discussed in Podcast #24)

Poltergeist (Discussed in Podcast #11)

The Green Inferno (Discussed in Podcast #29)


Best Horror TV Show- The most talked about and hyped horror shows on television.

MTV’s Scream

Scream Queens

Fear The Walking Dead

American Horror Story Hotel

The Walking Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead (We reviewed the series premiere in Podcast Episode #34)



Best Horror Films- The horror movies that we thought were the overall best of the year.

What We Do In The Shadows

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

It Follows (Discussed in Podcast #3)

Crimson Peak (Discussed in Podcast #32)

Goodnight Mommy

Krampus (Discussed in Podcast Episode #39)

The Final Girls (Discussed in Podcast #32)

Bone Tomahawk

Spring (Click here for our video review)

Insidious: Chapter 3 (Discussed in Podcast #13)


Other Movies/Short Films That Were Mentioned:

Volumes of Blood (Click here for our video review)

The Confession of Fred Krueger (Click here for our coverage)


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