‘The Burning’ (1981) Video Review


Corey reviews one of the first slasher films to hit before the genre exploded in the 1980’s. Does ‘The Burning’ still hold up, and why did such a cult-classic not get the recognition it desevered when first released? Watch Corey’s video review for his take on those questions as well as a look at a young Jason Alexander way before his role on ‘Seinfield’ as George Costanza. What’s your opinion on ‘The Burning’ and how do you think it stacks up to other slashers from its era? Leave some comments below, we’d love to hear how fans of the slasher genre feel about this one!


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Executive Video Producer as well as a news and editorial contributor for HBTVS.

  • NixEclips

    You couldn’t even bring up the MPAA cuts and which version you were reviewing? Guys, come on.