The X-Files Season One, Episode 8: “Ice”

In our newest video series, we will be breaking down some of the best “Monster of the Week” episodes of the X-Files. With rumors circulating about the show possibly returning for a new season, what could be a better time to catch up on some of the series’ most interesting episodes? The episodes that we will be covering are the stand alone episodes that cover a different monster, creature, killer, or otherwise paranormal event that doesn’t require you to be caught up with the entire series in order to watch and understand it. Most of the episodes are taking on an urban legend, movie genre, or type of story that you can just jump right in and enjoy.

The first video breakdown will cover season one’s “Ice.” This episode is generally regarded as one of the best episodes of season one, and ends up on a lot of top ten episode lists. Does William agree with that assessment? Watch the video to find out.