A new international trailer for Phantasm: Ravager has hit, along with a new clip from the film. If you’ve been keeping up with Phantasm news, then I’m happy to report that this is some of the best looking stuff so far. HBTVS has a lot of love for Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm (see our video review that includes a HBTVS scene re-enactment here!), but I will admit that some of the stuff we’ve seen so far has looked a bit post-fx heavy which hasn’t looked that great. It should be very clear to everyone involved with Phantasm: Ravager that Phantasm fans are fine with just hanging a spider on a string. We don’t need much! Although there’s plenty of post-fx in this new trailer, I think the new extended clip has given me some confidence in director David Hartman’s handling of Don Coscarelli’s horror classic.

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Phantasm: Ravager is being distributed by Anchor Bay and there is currently no release date.