‘Gremlins’ is one of the seminal horror comedies of the 80’s and there has yet to be a Christmas horror film as successful or beloved since. ‘Gremlins’ was released in 1984, so this year marks the 30th anniversary of the film. To celebrate both Christmas and the ‘Gremlins’ anniversary, we’ve put together a retrospective on the film that includes some behind the scenes pictures as well as footage from the new 30th Anniversary ‘Gremlins’ blu-ray release. We’ve decided not to include any of the actual interviews from the new Blu-ray, so fans will still want to pick up a copy and support Warner Brothers in continuing to release new anniversary versions of their films. Our retrospective however does include some of the special features and commentary that can be found on both the 25th anniversary blu-ray and the new 30th anniversary release.

‘Gremlins’ Diamond Luxe Edition Blu-Ray

Warner Brothers celebrated the ‘Gremlins’ milestone by releasing a Diamond Luxe Edition (their new anniversary line of Blu-rays). Although there’s a phenomenal 30 minute ‘Gremlins’  documentary (including new interviews) on the disc, as well as new features not on the 25th anniversary release, disc 1 of the Diamon Luxe Edition is the exact same disc and content that was in the 25th anniversary release. That means no new transfer. I also haven’t spotted the disc in stores, so if you want a copy you may pick one up online soon in case Warner Brothers is making this release a limited run. If you’re a ‘Gremlins’ fan I recommend getting a hold of the disc for the documentary, Although there isn’t a ton of new info that you can’t hear in the commentary included on the 25th anniversary release, there’s still some great behind the scenes footage and pictures on the set of ‘Gremlins.’ Some of these images and scenes we’ve included in HBTVS’s 30th Anniversary Retrospective, so be sure to take a look if you’re a fan!