Dread Central premiered the new trailer for Nathan Thomas Milliner’s A Nightmare On Elm Street fan film short The Confession of Fred Krueger and also has an interview with the writer/director discussing where the inspiration for the short came from.

“When I became a fan of the series it was in 1988 and I ordered ‘The Nightmare on Elm Street Companion,’ which was a book I believe published in 1987 that told of the making of the first two films. Jeffrey Cooper wrote this book as well as the novelizations. Inside the book was printed an origin story about Freddy – long before the stuff we saw in Freddy’s Dead. Cooper’s prequel immediately captured my imagination. It was some dark and disturbing stuff but I was completely enthralled by what he had conceived. So my image of Freddy and who he was came from Cooper’s origin story blended with the first few Elm Street films.”

Nathan Thomas Milliner is known in the horror world as being an artist that’s worked for Horrorhound Magazine and Scream Factory. He also previously directed A Wish For The Dead, as well as one of the segments in the independent horror anthology Volumes of Blood, which we reviewed back in May.

If you wanna keep up with the film, then head over to The Confession of Fred Krueger Facebook Fan Page and give it a like.  Right now it has well over double the number of ‘Likes’ that the HBTVS fan page has, so be a sport and head over to ours and give it a like as well!

The Confession of Fred Krueger will premiere at Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis during the weekend of September 11th-13th 2015.

The Confession of Fred Krueger Poster