If you’re like me, you’re eagerly awaiting the return of Bruce Campbell as Ash, which will happen when Ash vs Evil Dead premieres on 10/31. What can you do in the meantime if you need a fix of everyone’s favorite chainsaw wielding, deadite killing badass? Watch our newest video where I run through what happened in each movie of The Evil Dead trilogy in less than 5 minutes. It’s the perfect way to refresh your memory on what happened in all of the movies from the original trilogy before the new show premieres.

If you’re looking for more content about Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, or The Evil Dead series of movies, we have you covered. We discussed the movies in depth on our podcast (here), and Sean previously put together a video breaking down The Evil Dead techniques and references that Sam Raimi used in Drag Me to Hell (here). I also put together a video discussing Bubba Ho-Tep (here), which stars Bruce Campbell as an aging Elvis that has to stop a soul sucking mummy in his nursing home. Have anything to say about this video, the movies it covers, or the talent behind them? Let us know in the comments!