Around House By The Video Store we love horror anthology movies, and a new entry into the genre will be hitting Netflix Watch Instant on March 5th. ‘The ABCs of Death 2’ is the newest movie in the anthology series that features 26 different stories from 26 different directors in less than 130 minutes.

The first ‘ABCs of Death’ featured some inventive sequences that were rather creative, but the general consensus on the sequel seems to be that it is a step up in quality and worth your time. I found the original movie to be a very mixed bag when it came to the watch-ability of each individual segment and found myself wanting to just skip through some sequences. When each segment is less than 10 minutes, it should almost be comprised completely of crazy money shot type sequences. Is the sequel worth checking out? Those of use who are quite cheap but still manage to have a Netflix subscription will be able to find out next week. In the mean time, check out the trailer.