HBTVS recently competed in Louisville’s 48 Hour Horror Film Project and here’s a brief teaser trailer for the film we completed. We wanted to leave out all of the good bits, since the short isn’t very long to begin with. We’ll be posting a version of our short on October 30th to celebrate Halloween, so be sure to Follow and Like us on social media so you don’t miss it!

We were assigned the horror sub-genre of B-Movie (after passing on Found Footage) and had 48 hours total time to shoot, edit, and score the entire project. Our final product came in at 4 minutes and 48 seconds long, and is titled A Brush with Death. If you want to hear a little more about our experience you can listen to this week’s podcast where we briefly discuss the weekend.

If you’re in the Louisville area, come out to the screening at Village 8 on Sunday at 7:00pm (buy tickets here) to support House By The Video Store and our amazing cast and crew!

Although this began as a HBTVS project, we couldn’t have done it without all talented people that helped us create it.


Shelby Taylor Mullins – Actor (Shelby Torres)
Tim Gooch – Actor (Mark Torres)
Dion N Green – Actor (Nigel)
William Capps – Actor (Jester Delivery Boy)
Derek Capps – Actor (Mr. Satan)
Sean Blevins – Fake Shemp #1
Nicole Blevins – Fake Shemp #2


Sean Blevins – Director, Producer, Writer, D.P.
James Neat – Assistant Director, Script Manager
William Capps – Second Unit Director, Sound, Writer, Producer, Location Manager
Derek Capps – Sound, Writing
Aaron Arney – Grip, Sound, Prop Manager, Marketing Material Artist
Zach Vickers – Grip
Ashly Cecil – Editor
Nicole Blevins – Production Manager, Makeup Effects
Dion N Green – Music

Here’s the (almost finalized) poster for A Brush with Death designed by HBTVS’s web designer Aaron Arney.