Lets talk Summer Camp Horror Films

Since it’s summer and the time of year when a lot of people are camping, what could be a better time to talk about some summer camp horror films? Previously we released a video review of The Burning and a video with 15 quick facts about Sleepaway Camp, both of those videos are embedded below. On our podcast we also talked about the first four entries in the Friday the 13th series (here), and discussed Sleepaway Camp in depth (here). We have only touched on a few of the movies out there, so which one stands above all of the others as the best?

I’m not sure that there is one shining example of a perfect summer camp horror film, even though the Friday the 13th series would be the one that most people think of first. There are a few things that every summer camp horror movie needs to include to be successful, which are: graphic kills, lots of sex, and a killer that is interesting or at least leaves an impression. Another thing that is important, is the time frame of when the movie takes place. A modern day summer camp with up to date electronics and smartphones would just seem wrong. Another thing that any classic movie of the summer camp sub-genre of horror needs, is a shocking scene. This could be an incredibly graphic kill or twist ending.

Have any thoughts on what makes a good summer camp horror film? Have a favorite movie in the sub-genre? Let us know in the comments below!