Volumes of Blood creator P.J. Starks managed to pull off something that is a bit of a rarity in the low-budget independent horror genre. An anthology film that pulls together some great (and truly independent) directors and actors that ends up being much better than one would probably expect from a film shot primarily in an Owensboro library.

For those looking forward to Volumes of Blood, P.J. says fans should expect it to be released in mid-2016 on DVD and VOD with a Blu-ray release still up in the air.

Although mid-2016 seems like a long time away, you can however get a taste of ‘Blood‘ by checking out this pre-quel short The Preylude: A Volumes of Blood Short Film. Volumes of Blood raises the bar even higher than this short, and if you want to know more info about the directors involved (including one who recently directed a Nightmare On Elm Street fan short) then head to our original review post of the film. If not, then enjoy our video review for Volumes of Blood below after watching the short!

The Preylude: A Volumes of Blood Short Film will also be included on the DVD release of Volumes of Blood.