Be careful what you share, or don’t share, on social media. You never know what might actually be true….

I’m sure that most people have come across posts on social media that indicate you must take some sort of action, either for good luck or to avoid something bad happening. Before posts like that were being shared on social media, they were being sent as chain emails that required you to send them to multiple people. Before email was widely used, the messages were sent as actual letters in the mail that took considerably more effort to forward on. Our short film #Shared tackles what would happen if a particularly creepy post on social media turned out to be more than just a joke. It also points out how dire the consequences can be if something truly terrible gets shared on social media platforms, since it can reach a large number of people instantly.

#Shared was written, directed, shot, and edited by yours truly, William Capps, and stars Vanessa Streble. The short was shot on a Panasonic GH4 and G7, with the footage of the moon being provided by Jerry Ablan. Check out Jerry’s YouTube page at the link: Jerry Cthulhu. To watch any of our other short films, follow this link: HBTVS Originals.