In a new entry to the found footage genre of horror,  As Above, So Below follows a young explorer obsessed with finishing the work of her father by hunting for an artifact that could be the key to eternal life. The young explorer, played by Perdita Weeks, crosses the Iranian border to meet with a man who has a hidden access passage into some tunnel networks that the Iranians have scheduled for demolition. What she found in the tunnels could be a clue to the location of this artifact and after almost getting blown to pieces she escapes after taking pictures of some engravings located on a bull like structure called the “Rose Key.”


What is this artifact? According to the film, it is called the Philosopher’s Stone.” This stone apparently has magical powers that according to mythology holds the key to unlimited wealth and eternal life. Where can I find a stone like this?

The young explorer consults with an old friend to translate the engravings of the Rose Key and just like a page out of National Treasure, they find more clues on the back of a stone tablet in a church by spraying the stone with cleaning fluid and setting it on fire. Talk about getting “stoned!”


With all the clues, they just have to go find it. Easy, right? The only problem is they have to travel deep within the earth to the hidden location of the artifact. According to the translation of the clue behind the stone tablet they must travel through the “darkest gate,” you guessed it, the Gates of Hell. What could  be a better place to travel to the Gates of Hell through than the Catacombs beneath Paris?


When visiting the catacombs on a tour, the two are given another clue from a random stranger to contact a local spelunker named Papillon. How do you get a local spelunker you have never met before take you on a tour of the Gates of Hell? You bribe them with hidden treasure of course!

Is it destiny or is it a trap? This film is packed with mystery, evil chants, fast paced action with several deaths, and “scare the shit out of you” scenes. Be warned, however, if you have claustrophobia, you might want to bring a paper bag.