During 2015 we made a few pieces of content that people seemed to like, and in this article I will list out all of our most popular videos that we released during the year. The pieces of content included below are what generated the most discussion and feedback during the year, and generally are the videos that we also like the most out of what we have made so far.

Soundtrack Swap| Psycho & It Follows

This video was put together by Sean and was the first in the “Soundtrack Swap” series that saw the soundtracks of a classic film and more recent favorite swapped for a few key scenes. The purpose was to highlight the effect that music and sound has on a scene, and to see how the scenes worked when different styles of music were applied. To see the rest of the videos in the series, click here.

The X-Files Episode Breakdown: S4E2 “Home”

During early 2015, I decided to take a look back at some of the strongest “monster of the week” episodes of The X-Files and make some videos about my favorites. The length and style of the videos changed a little bit from the early videos to the later ones, but the most viewed one by far was the video covering the show’s most infamous episode, “Home.” To see all of the other videos in the series, click here.

10 Facts About Escape From New York

In this video, I talked about 10 interesting facts people may not know about the John Carpenter classic, Escape From New York. These facts were mostly from the conversations Carpenter and Kurt Russell had in the commentary for the film, which is a must listen if you’re a fan.

THAT’S SO RAIMI! Evil Dead Techniques and References in ‘Drag Me To Hell’

In this video, Sean broke down the staples of Sam Raimi’s stylistic techniques from The Evil Dead that were used in his 2009 film, Drag Me To Hell. This is a must watch for fans of Raimi’s work.

Nothing But Trouble (1991): Everything You Need to Know

Nothing But Trouble is one of those odd movies that you may have a hard time explaining to someone that has never heard of it. This Dan Akroyd directed film is an oddball comedy that is rather dark with a number of horror elements and scenes that will be hard to ever forget. In this video, I covered the most important things to be taken away from the movie.

A Brush With Death

This was our first short film for the site, and was completed as part of the 48 Hour Horror Film Project. We actually won the audience and overall awards for our city and get to take the short to Filmapalooza in March and compete against teams from other cities. The short is essentially a throwback to The Evil Dead series and Sam Raimi’s directing style, and was made with the help of an amazing cast and crew. We have a number of projects in the pipeline for 2016, so this is just a taste of what we plan to do.