HBTVS’s newest series ‘Now Playing” is basically us hanging out and playing horror video games or watching movies (that we can legally show) while talking about anything and everything. It’s basically an excuse for us to hang out and at the same time create some content for the site!

In the premiere episode, Now Playing: The Evil Within, we play Shinji Mikami’s (‘Resident Evil’) newest game ‘The Evil Within’. Some gameplay footage may look a little rough, or not be perfectly in sync because we’re still testing methods of the best way to get footage of the games we’re playing. Let us know if there are any games you’d like to see us play in the future or public domain movies to watch, and please be patient with the quality of this episode! This was an experiment for us and putting horror games content on the site is something we’re also testing out so let us know what you think of our newest series!