Bruce Campbell has been in many fun movies outside of the Evil Dead franchise, and Don Coscarelli has directed a number of movies outside of the Phantasm series. One movie that happens to involve both, is 2002’s Bubba Ho-Tep. In this movie, Bruce Campbell plays a geriatric Elvis (or at least an impersonator that believes himself to be the real deal) stuck in a nursing home that is also the stomping ground of a soul sucking mummy. Don’t let the crazy premise fool you, as there is some great acting in the movie, as well as practical special effects and some commentary about aging that makes this more than just a creature feature.

In this video, I run through the reasons that I love this movie and recommend it to everyone I know. There was talk of a possible sequel/prequel years ago (I wrote about that some here), but Campbell eventually dropped out of the project due to creative differences and it has been in development limbo since. If this movie was the only time we got to see Bruce Campbell on screen as Elvis though, it’s enough for me.

Are you a fan of Bubba Ho-Tep? Just a fan of Bruce Campbell or Coscarelli in general? Let us know that and any thoughts you have in the comments!