Unless you have been living under a rock, you’re likely aware that a new Friday the 13th video game is in the works, and that it is being funded through Kickstarter (the project can be found here). The game needs has reached its goal of $700,000 of funding prior to the Friday November 13th deadline, and is now working towards stretch goals for additional content and features. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with the current release date being estimated as October 2016 for backers of the project. So, if you’re interested in this game, visit their Kickstarter and pledge something to the project.

The game will allow you to play as either Jason or the camp counselors that he would love to kill. It sounds like the experience will be somewhat similar to the Left 4 Dead series, but with one character as Jason and up to seven others as counselors. The game will also incorporate a lot of the classic elements of the movies with Sean S. Cunningham, Tom Savini, Kane Hodder, and Harry Manfredini being involved with the game’s development. The premise of the game actually makes sense for the world of Friday the 13th and this could be one of the more entertaining horror games made in the past few years.

Unless a dramatic increase in funding occurs in the next few days (as single player content is a stretch goal that requires more than the $700k to fund), that game will be multiplayer only and not feature any single player content, which makes it quite different than something like Alien Isolation which pitted you against a Xenomorph in confined locations, or other recent big name horror games. Will a multiplayer online only experience be enough? Only time will tell.

There have been relatively few big name horror movie franchises that were adapted into games that were worth playing so it will be interesting to see how this project turns out, will Friday the 13th: The Game buck the trend? Are there other classic horror franchises that you would like to see made into video games? With the current environment of gaming across mobile devices, and consoles as well PCs there is ample opportunity to make styles of games that actually make sense for the big horror franchises, as opposed to simply slapping a known name on an uninspiring product that has very little resemblance to the property it’s based on.