Deadline is reporting that Fox recently signed a deal to remake Carpenter’s 1981 dystopian action film ‘Escape From New York.’ Although plans have been made in the past to remake the Kurt Russell classic, this is the first time John Carpenter has signed on to be involved. Carpenter is one director that has never held his films close to his chest when it comes to remaking them.

Slashfilm reports that that he had this to say during a screening of ‘Halloween’ late last year:

What I do is, I sit on my couch, I extend my hand, and a check drops [into it]… They remake everything these days, it doesn’t mean anything. They just remake it because they think that the audience is so stupid that they won’t go see anything original. They look down on you, don’t you see that? I just want to get the check, that’s all I give a shit about.

No script, no cast, and it looks like they’re starting from square one. Kurt Russel played such a central role in the original film’s success, figuring out what to do with Snake Plissken isn’t going to be an easy task for anyone. It seems as though the plan is to turn ‘Escape’ into a franchise, which makes me think they’ll take a straight (and dry) action movie approach.

I would love it if they infused some personality and a singular voice into the project, possibly even include some satirical elements or use it as an opportunity to try and turn action cliches and heroes on their head. At the very least give it to someone with some balls to direct.  I’m afraid though with so much money riding on the project, they’ll take a low risk and broad audience approach. Which from a financial standpoint, I can’t really blame them. Let’s just hope someone attempts to take this opportunity to at least do something interesting with the property, even if it doesn’t turn out great.

A bland remake with a 2nd rate Snake Plissken is probably the last thing most ‘Escape From New York’ fans want from a remake.