“She was eating them”

The pilot for the series premiere of Fear The Walking Dead has finally arrived! This much anticipated series is a prequel to the hit TV show The Walking Dead. The show depicts the story of what happened prior to civilization being lost when Rick Grimes woke up in the hospital in The Walking Dead series premiere.

This episode starts off with a junkie 19 year old named Nick who awakens in an abandoned church used by drug addicts to get their fix. Nick stumbles upon what seems like a bloody massacre, blood all over the floor and walls. Not knowing if what he is seeing is real or if he is still tripping massive balls from his high, Nick runs out of the church in fear after witnessing his female friend hunched over chewing on the face of another drug addict.


While frantically running, Nick gets hit by a car and is admitted to the hospital. Nick is confronted with his family who appears to be fed up with his junkie bullshit. He explains his story to his stepfather, Travis who later goes back to the church to get the scoop. Nick’s stepfather is confronted with the reality that perhaps Nick might actually be telling the truth for once. While he visits the church he finds blood everywhere and trips and falls in a pool of blood on the floor.


When Travis returns to the hospital he confronts Nick and tells him that they will talk later about what he saw at the church. The parents leave and Nick escapes by convincing one of the Nurses to remove one of his arm straps so he could use the restroom. Once he escapes he buys a phone and contacts his drug dealer, Calvin.


Travis and Nick’s mother, Madison leave and visit the church again where Madison realizes that something really bad happened there.  They leave and get stuck in a traffic jam where they see multiple emergency vehicles arriving at the scene. They hear gun shots and in a panic drive off in another direction. Later, a leaked online video of the incident shows a man who is being cared for by emergency personnel when the man reaches up and starts biting one of the EMTs. The police start shooting the man. The man keeps coming after them when he is finally dropped by a shot to the head. The video goes viral and causes panic.


Nick finally meets up with his drug dealer Calvin at a diner to find out if the drugs that were sold to him were laced with anything. Nick starts freaking out and Calvin thinks his cover is blown due to Nick’s paranoia. Calvin tells Nick that everything will be OK and they leave the diner. Calvin drives to a remote location and tells Nick to get out of the vehicle. Nick sees a gun in Calvin’s hand and rushes him. The two wrestle a bit and Calvin is shot by his own gun. Nick takes off and meets up with his parents and explains the situation and they all return to the place where Calvin was shot. Once Nick sees that Calvin is no longer there he starts freaking out and they leave the scene. When they drive past the tunnel they stop and see Calvin limping towards the vehicle. Nick’s parents get out and confront Calvin when he lunges at Madison. Travis pushes him away and they are confused as to why he is acting like he is. Nick guns the vehicle towards Calvin and runs him over. When Calvin gets back up he guns it in reverse and runs him over again. Madison and Travis stand in shock as they see the mangled body of Calvin slowly turn his head looking at them.

“What the hell is happening”?