“They abandoned us”


Fear The Walking Dead S1 Finale is here. We start off at the arena where Daniel visited from the last episode. You can see the walkers pushing on the chained doors trying to get out. At the house, Travis and the family start packing and prepare to leave. In the basement Daniel tries to convince Travis that Andrew must die, Travis disagrees. Andrew interrupts and tells them that they will need him alive so that he can help navigate on the inside of the compound. Travis agrees and demands that he goes with them.

Daniel goes to Ofelia where she is upset at him for telling her lies her entire life about what he really did in the war. He tries to explain but she feels betrayed by his actions.

At the hospital, Beth hears on the radio that an evacuation plan is set to move everyone to Andrews AFB. She tells everyone to get ready because they are going mobile. Liza is worried about her son Chris.


Outside, Andrew talks to Travis as they get ready to head out. Still having his hands bound, he pleads with Travis to cut him loose. Travis demands that he gets into the truck. Everyone loads up and rolls out in a convoy style fashion. As they approach the exit gate they notice that there is no military presence. Daniel gets out and goes to the gate controls and opens the gate. They leave the safe zone.


Daniel walks up to the perimeter of the medical facility and is warned by tower guards to stop. He tells them they should save their ammunition. Following him are hundreds of walkers making their way to the compound. The tower guards panic and start opening fire on the walking hoard.

Travis and the group break into the compound while distracting the troops at the north gate with the walkers. When they get inside Daniel realizes that Travis cut Andrew loose. Travis tells Chris and Alicia to stay put in the parking garage while they go look for Nick and Griselda.


Back at the holding area, Vic tells Nick not to draw unwanted attention when Nick starts pacing the area and kicking the fence. He tells him to pretend he is in another place with a needle in his arm. The lights start shutting down and the alarm sounds. Everyone in the area starts to panic. When Vic tries to retrieve the key he can’t find it. Nick pulls the key out, Vic smiles at him. Vic and Nick leave the holding area and leave everyone else locked up. People beg to be released but Vic explains that they would just get in the way and get them killed.


Beth and Liza go to the rooftop and see the walkers breach the compound. The doc mentions that the emergency evac helicopter knows the compound has been compromised. She tries to communicate with the evac crew to bring them back down to get people out but they ignore her and fly away. Beth tells everyone inside to evacuate to the loading area anyways. She tells Liza to run.

While Chris and Alicia wait in the parking garage they start to get anxious and exit the vehicle. Chris sees someone in the distance and tells Alicia to get back inside the car. They take cover as troops approach and break out the glass and open the door. The troops demand the keys to the car. When Chris refuses they ask Alicia. Chris puts up a fight when they try to put their hands on her. They knock him to the ground and take the keys.


Travis and the group arrive at the checkpoint within the building. Outside, the troops are shooting at the dead when they breach the fence. One of the troops reaches out to Liza and tells her to get inside the vehicle; that it is now or never. Liza stays behind and watches as one of the troops gets bit and then runs into the helicopter rotor and decapitates himself.


Inside, Vic and Nick come across the troop that Vic bribed with to keep Nick in the holding area lying on the ground barely alive. Vic takes the jewelry he gave him earlier out of his pocket. When Travis and Madison get to the holding area they realize that Nick is already gone. The people still there beg to be released. Travis and Madison break open all the gates to release everyone and ask them which direction Nick went. Meanwhile, Vic and Nick find themselves trapped in a hallway full of walkers. The door behind them latched with an electronic lock. They relentlessly try to force it open with no success. Vic starts shooting at the walkers. When Travis and Madison find them they try to force the door open. Nick looks at Madison and tells her to leave him. Liza runs up just in time and uses her access card and swipes it multiple times which finally releases the lock. Vic and Nick escape the hallway.


When they exit Liza gets attacked by a walker and Madison saves her by bashing it in the head with a blunt object. Madison then gets attacked herself and Nick comes in with a hammer and cracks the walker in the skull. When the group finally escapes the turmoil they ask who the new guy is. Nick explains that Vic saved his life. Daniel pulls Liza to the side and asks where his wife is. Liza tells Daniel and Ofelia that there was nothing she could have done to save her; that the infection took her.

The group continues to flee the area when they run into the doctor. They ask Beth for help escaping the compound and tell her that they will take her with them. The doc doesn’t oblige and stays put. Madison tells Liza that Beth is lost and they leave her. Vic suggests that they go west and that he has a home on the water with supplies. When they exit the main building they run past the area where they burned the bodies. Ofelia breaks down and cries.


The group arrives back to the parking garage where Chris and Alicia are nowhere to be found. Travis calls out to them. They appear from a hidden area in the garage and run to the group. Chris explained what happened to the car. Out of nowhere, Andrew walks up to them with a gun pointing it at Daniel. Travis tries to talk him down when he points the gun at Ofelia and shoots her. Travis rushes Andrew to the ground and repeatedly punches him in the face.

After all the commotion they finally leave the compound and head out on the road. Vic leads them to his house where he offers them food and water. Madison meets up with Nick outside and apologizes to him for letting them take him. Liza treats Ofelia for her non-lethal wounds and then walks up to Chris and tells him that she loves him. Liza walks outside.

Nick walks into the room where Vic is and notices that he is packing and asks where he is going. He explains that he must keep moving. Nick asks if they can stay at his place, and Vic tells him that no one is staying there. Nick asks where this Abigail is. Vic walks outside to some binoculars and offers Nick a peek. Out in the distance Nick can see a yacht. Vic tells him that is Abigail.


Madison follows Liza outside and asks her what is going on. Liza shows her a bite mark on her side. She pulls out a gun and asks Madison to shoot her; telling her that it would break Travis if he had to do it. Travis walks up on them to see what is going on and Madison tells him that Liza is infected. He tries to play it off as if it’s OK and says she can be treated. Liza tells Travis that the infection kills like anything else and that it is not treatable. She has seen with her own eyes how everyone always comes back after they die. She asks Travis to promise her that he will take care of Chris and protect him. She collapses and starts to cry. Travis promises and takes the gun from Madison and shoots Liza. The group hears the gun fire and runs to the beach. Travis drops to his knees in anguish and grabs the sand beneath him. Chris runs up to this dead mother and buries his face in horror and sadness. Madison comes up from behind Travis and comforts him as he cries out for what he had to do.

“The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness”