“We return to the old rules”


Fear The Walking Dead S1 E5 starts off at the facility where Nick and Daniel’s (the barber) wife Griselda were taken. Doug, Travis’s neighbor, is setting in the holding area with a man by the name of Victor. Doug sits there and starts crying while looking at a photo of his family. Victor tells him that he needs to buck up and deal with it. After Doug starts freaking out some troops come in and remove him. After Doug leaves Victor looks at Nick who is sitting up against the fence.

Back at the safe zone, Daniel’s daughter Ofelia gets upset and starts throwing bottles at the fence demanding that the troops tell her where they took her mother. SSgt Castro approaches the fence when he is stopped by Corporal Andrew who asks him to back off and let him handle the situation. Castro complies and Andrew walks in the gate to talk with the distraught daughter.


At the house, Madison finds the note that Alicia found at the neighbors left by Susan addressing her husband. When Madison goes into the kitchen to retrieve a flashlight she hears a noise coming from the basement. She walks down and discovers Corporal Andrew tied up to a chair with Daniel and Ofelia by his side. Andrew tries to plead with Daniel that he wants to help. Madison doesn’t agree with what Daniel is about to do and tries to untie the soldier. Daniel explains to her that all he wants to do is make a trade with the military; Andrew for their family. Madison disagrees and Daniel tells her that Andrew has valuable intelligence on the whereabouts of their family and the situation at hand. Madison walks away.

Travis goes outside to confront Lt. Moyers about getting his family back. The Lt tells Travis that all the troops that he commands are kids themselves who want to go back home to their mother but that they have a job to do right now. Travis explains to the Lt that if the people they took aren’t returned soon that he will have a lot more to worry about than himself; that everyone in the community is getting pissed off about the situation. The Lt reluctantly honors his request and tells him that he will take him to the facility where his family is being held.


In the basement Daniel talks to the soldier and tells him not to blame his daughter for what he is about to do to him. The barber grabs a knife and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Daniel starts peeling away the top layers of Andrew’s arm to force information out of him. He explains to him that the deeper he goes the worse the pain will be. Andrew yells that he doesn’t know anything.


Travis rides along with the Lt and his troops heading to the medical facility. While in route they see a walker in the distance and pull over. They pull out a 50 caliber sniper rifle and offer it to Travis to take the shot. The Lt asks him if he thinks the walker is human and tries to coerce him to kill it. Travis takes position and scopes out to the walker. He reads the name tag of the walking deceased and backs away from the gun. The Lt, knowing what his reaction would be, steps in and shoots the walker in the head. They load back into the Humvee and respond to a call at a nearby building.   The troops upon arrival dismount and tell Travis to stay in the vehicle. Travis starts hearing screams and cries for help coming from the Humvee radio. The soldiers start retreating back after battling a building full of walkers and evacuate the area.


Alicia and Chris sneak out and go to an abandoned house nearby. They raid the closet and start putting on different outfits. They look at the pictures of the family who used to live there and then start throwing stuff around. They playfully begin to trash the house. When they leave the house after trashing it they walk outside and see a Humvee drive past.


Back at the holding area, soldiers surround the cage and take Nick out for escort to the medical area because he has a slight fever. Nick tells them that he isn’t sick and starts to struggle. Victor bribes the commanding troop with jewelry to keep Nick in the holding cage. They make the transaction and throw Nick back in. In the holding area, Victor starts talking to Nick. He tells him that the soldiers are leaving soon and will need a man of his talent to help make his move. He reveals a key in his hand.


At the house, Madison hears a scream and sees Ofelia run out of the house. Daniel walks into the kitchen with a bowl full of Andrew’s blood. He starts cleaning up and tells Madison about his past in the war and what he had to do and hopes that his daughter will understand the situation. Madison doesn’t respond to his story and asks him if the soldier gave up the information they needed.

Travis returns to the house and sees Ofelia outside in shock. When he goes inside he confronts Madison to ask her if she knew what Daniel was going to do to the troop. They go to the basement where the soldier starts telling stories of when the outbreak first started. He said that there was a point when they could no longer distinguish the living from the infected so they rounded everyone up and locked them in the arena nearby and chained the doors. Travis starts to untie the soldier when Daniel asks Andrew to explain again what the code word “Cobalt” is all about. Andrew explains that it is an evacuation plan for the soldiers and includes procedures for the humane termination of citizens in the town prior to the evacuation.


At the medical facility, Elizabeth looks around trying to find where Griselda is being held. When she finds her she runs into the government doctor, Beth. Beth asks her why she doesn’t trust her. Griselda starts talking and eventually slips into cardiac arrest and dies. The doc pulls out a captive bolt pistol used to kill cattle. She tells Elizabeth that if they don’t destroy the brain Griselda will turn. Elizabeth takes the gun from the doc and shoots Griselda in the head.

In the closing scene, Daniel sneaks out to visit the arena where Andrew said they locked everyone up at. As he approaches the chained doors they begin to move. He looks in terror as he can hear the walkers on the other side pushing on the doors.

“They all come back”