9 days later…


Fear The Walking Dead S1 E4 starts off with Nick lying in the pool at the house, Travis jogging through the neighborhood, and Chris on top of the roof with his camcorder video blogging about the current situation.  Things seem peaceful now that the military has come in and setup a safe zone.  As Chris video blogs he spots a reflection outside the parameter.  The reflection looks to be a distress signal.  Travis approaches and tells him to get off the roof.  Chris tries to explain that someone might be alive outside the safe zone but Travis dismisses it as a sun reflection and asks him to stop video blogging.

The military has a community meeting outside to discuss the camp policies and rules.  People start getting confused and upset.  The Lieutenant giving the speech tells them that they are one of very few safe zones in the city and that they should be thankful to have access to their homes.  After the meeting the Lieutenant pulls Travis to the side and asks him if he could convince one of his neighbors to submit to a screening.  He tells Travis that if he doesn’t get the job done he will make the neighbor comply by force.


Travis enters his neighbor’s house to convince Doug to comply with the military and finds him sitting in his bathroom distraught.  Doug explains that he doesn’t think he can go through with the process.  Travis tells him that his family needs him right now and convinces him to submit to the screening process.  Doug complies and leaves the bathroom to get tested.

Alicia leaves the house and walks over to the neighbors where Susan and Patrick lived.  She pulls the tape off the door and walks in and starts looking around the house.  When she goes to the bedroom she finds a note.  Alicia reads the note and starts crying.


Night time has fallen upon the safe zone.  Madison and Travis have makeup sex in the backseat of their car.  Madison brings up the video that Chris took on the rooftop.  She said it looks like someone was reflecting light from the sun and the situation should be brought to the attention of the military.  Travis tells her that there is no point in bringing it up.  While they are talking someone starts knocking on the garage door.  Maria, Doug’s wife, panics and tells them that Doug took their car and left.  Travis tells her not to worry and that he will find him.

In the early morning hours Madison gets on the roof with a flashlight and starts flashing it in a pattern to try and get a response from the area that had the reflection.  Meanwhile, Travis is jogging the parameter fence and stops when he sees Doug’s car in the distance.  Travis finds the Lieutenant and suggests that they should start searching for Doug.  The Lieutenant informs him that he was already found last night and that he is a nut job that is a threat to the camp.  Travis brings up that his son saw someone reflecting light outside the safe zone and that it could be a possible survivor.  The Lieutenant ensures him that they cleared every house and that there are no survivors outside the safe zone walls.


Madison escapes the safe zone by cutting the fence with bolt cutters.  She starts walking down the street past several missing person flyers.  She attempts to find the house where the reflection was coming from and runs into several dead bodies on the street.  A military unit approaches her location and she bolts and hides under a car.  When she returns to the safe zone the barber asks what she saw.  She tells him that she saw several infected bodies but there was a man shot like the others but wasn’t sick and there were more shot like him.


Government doctors come in and start telling people that they must transfer the sick and injured to another facility.  When the troops come in to escort the barber’s wife Travis comes in and starts asking what is going on.  The barber, thinking he is going with this wife, is stopped by a troop and the troop says he has two names on the list for escort to the facility, the barber’s wife and Nick.  Alicia looks at Madison and tells her to run.  Nick runs out of the room in panic and is knocked to the ground.  The troops point their weapons at everyone and force Nick and the barber’s wife into the truck where they are taken away.  Madison runs outside screaming for Nick.


In the closing scene Travis is on the roof of his house looking out in the distance.  He is startled when he hears and sees gunfire beyond the camp in the area where the reflection was spotted.

“You are the lucky ones”