Turn back now, there’s evil ahead!

In Evil Ahead, a young woman finds odd warnings written in sidewalk chalk as she tries to make her way to her car in a deserted parking lot. Are the messages actually warning of real danger? Watch to find out!

This short was shot on a Panasonic G9 using the Sigma 16mm F1.4 lens, with a Black Pro Mist 1/8 filter. The short was shot in a single take (for the Jakob Owens Short Horror Film Contest 2019), and the HaloRig was used, in addition to the camera’s IBIS system, for stabilization.  Evil Ahead was written, directed, shot, and edited by yours truly, William Capps, and stars Julie Streble. The FX design was by Shiner Digital.

This short features a snippet of the song ‘Drink The Blood’ by Prayer Line. Find their music at the link: https://prayerline.bandcamp.com/

To check out some behind the scenes photos from the shoot, click here.

Evil Ahead Horror Short Film