The iconic ‘Tales From The Crypt’ opening sequence has been faithfully remade in 3D and posted by the Church of Halloween Youtube account. Here’s a description from the account:

This is a fan made CG animation of the very famous television series “Tales from the Crypt” done by Benabdallah Adel and Penoit Damien, with FX help from Omar Meradi and Toufik Mekbel.

With respectful homage to the “Tales from the Crypt” TV show, we added a modernized direction while staying true to the original creator’s vision by recreating the Intro sequence completely in CG to show our passion for the TV show and digital art.

They also provide a link that has a more detailed breakdown of who worked on what elements, including that it took them six months to complete it. Click on the link here if you’d like to learn more about it.

And for comparisons sake, here’s the original intro.

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